О компании Услуги В продаже
Chinese Industrial Commercial Corporation has a long successful experience in working with businesses and government agencies in China, the United States and Russia. Our company staff consists of experienced managers who are fluent in several languages. The main services our company offers are market research in China, search for partners / producers of goods and services, representation of the interests of international companies and promotion of their products on the Chinese market, consulting services, attracting foreign investment, also organization of business and recreational tours, and many others.
  Manufacture and delivery of products to world markets;
  Allocation of foreign investments into the Chinese market;
  Establishing product manufacturing in China using you company's trademark;
  Establishing joint ventures;
  Assistance obtaining product certification and sales promotion to the Chinese market;
  Assistance in foreign acquisition of Chinese enterprises.
CICC arranges not only business trips to China, during which your company delegation can visit Chinese enterprises and business trade shows.But also offers tours to Chinese tourist resorts and cultural places such as Hainan Island, Dalen, Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Macao, Hong Kong, Tibet, and others.
The headquarters address:
China, Beijing
8 Guangqulu str., office 911
E-mail: feng28@mail.ru
Phone: + 86 10 586 32 607
Phone: + 86 10 891 69 238
Fax: + 86 10 586 32 608